At Emphasis Hair, we have always supported our local schools, kindergartens and sporting clubs with their fundraising however, there are many charities that we support ourselves every year. Some of them include:

The RSPCA Charity Tree Raised Over $1000! Thank You!

Together with our generous clients at Emphasis Hair, we were able to raise $1054 for the RSPCA.

From 1st April – 30th June 2016 our clients had fun watching the RSPCA Charity Tree grow and grow,

filling the boughs with lots of love and wishes for our loved pets present and...Read More »

RSPCA Charity Tree 8 Weeks On... Colourful and Plentiful...

The Paws are taking over the salon at Emphasis Hair with our RSPCA Charity Tree beginning to fill the wall.

The autumnal colours of the leaves have been a great inspiration for change within the salon too.

Even Louise has had a huge change from her deep red bob to her...Read More »

The Emphasis Hair 2nd Charity Tree Is Blooming After Only 5 Weeks...

RSPCA Charity Tree 5 weeks on…
We’re less than half way through the 2nd Emphasis Hair Charity Tree Campaign and we have already raised more than $700 for the RSPCA.
Thank you or helping thus far..
I am truly proud of our Charity Tree… The RSPCA Charity Tree has a completely different...Read More »

Charity Blooming At Emphasis Hair - Proudly supporting beyondblue


...Read More »

Leukaemia Foundation

The Leukaemia Foundation is Australia’s peak body for blood cancer, funding research and providing free services to support people with leukaemia, lymphnoma, myeloma and related blood disorders.

...Read More »

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Donate now for a future free from cancer

For Nola, from Melbourne, telling her children she had breast cancer was one of the worst things she’d ever had to do. More bad news was to come – it had spread to her lymph nodes. Weeks of chemotherapy and radiation therapy at...Read More »

VIC Great Dane Rescue

Great Dane Rescue Victoria is a private rescue group who provides foster care where possible for Great Danes needing new homes / at risk

...Read More »


Start your donation story!

Donate now to support the RSPCA and start your donation story that will make a difference to animal welfare across Australia

...Read More »

World Vision

Sponsor a child!/sponsor-a-child

...Read More »

Royal Children's Hospital

We have contributed some of love to those lovely children,

if you want to know about this, please contact us, we can give them a better life!

...Read More »



Movember – My Motivation!

To be part of a Healthy and Hairy Community, where our team focus is on helping each other to “Grow their Mo” and “Then Let It Go” at a November 30 Group shave and Celebration! My Goal is to have the team Grow $4500 which is...Read More »

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